Metal Fabrication Plant


Various steel materials and angle materials are cut and welded here. It is our understanding of the product’s structure that enables us to use the right processing and create the product from the frame.


Craftsmen with master welding skills carefully finish each piece.


Main Equipment in Metal Fabrication Plant

Shearing machine, welding machine, hand saw, 100-ton brake press, 80-ton brake press, drill press, ironworker, corner shears

Machining Plant


We are making full use of lathes and milling machines to manufacture as many of our own components as possible. We also select the most suitable materials for each application, then combine and machine those materials.


Main Equipment in Machining Plant

Lathe, milling machine, keyseater, drill press

Furnace/Heater Plant


We process molybdenum, a metal that requires advanced processing technology, along with a variety of steels in manufacturing proprietary heaters that are matched with specific products.


We utilize expert furnace-building techniques that few craftsmen in the industry possess. Every process, from the complex laying of bricks on up, is performed in-house.


Assembly and Prototyping Plant


In addition to assembly, we optimize all of the product’s possibilities through prototyping and testing. We also suggest testing methods using a variety of test equipment according to the customer’s needs.


Paint Shop


While painting jobs are generally outsourced, we can offer painting at lower cost at our own premises.


Main Equipment in Paint Shop

Wet paint booth, baking heater-equipped wet paint booth, baking heater


Head Office

Anjo Plant

Nakatsugawa Plant


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