Environmental Initiatives

We at Nihon Denro Industry Co., Ltd. are working to solve social issues through our business in order to achieve our SDG targets and help create a sustainable society.

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  • We promote in-house education to spread awareness of SDGs, with all employees taking the SDGs into consideration and acting upon them.
  • Aiming to increase the use of renewable energy, we have installed a solar power generation systems in our plants.
  • We are working to reduce industrial waste by decreasing our use of paper and switching to digital data.
  • To fulfill our manufacturing responsibilities, we are also placing an increased focus on our repair business for all products.

Efforts to Achieve Carbon Neutrality


As countries around the world promote efforts to solve the global issue of climate change, the Japanese government has also declared the country’s goal of becoming carbon neutral, Reducing green gas emissions to zero by 2050.
To achieve carbon neutrality, Nihon Denro Industry Co., Ltd. is focusing on developing furnaces that use ammonia gas, which does not emit carbon dioxide when burning, rather than the conventional methane and propane gases.


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